There's a better way to get a better rate.

Providing flexible car finance solutions, Dutton Financial Services provides a range of smart, competitive finance options which are tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

Our on-site finance and insurance managers have a wealth of experience and have access to over 50 lenders. They will save you the time and hassle doing it yourself, while helping you make an informed decision which meets your best interests.

Wide Range of Car Finance Products – consumer, finance lease, asset finance, chattel mortgage and novated leases.

Right Loan Structure – terms from 1 to 7 years, various repayment options and option to have a balloon payment. Our experts will highlight some of the pro’s and con’s of finance structures you are considering to help you make an informed decision.

Pre-approval Option – apply for a pre-approval so that you can start looking for a new car with peace and mind knowing how much you can borrow and avoid the hassles of rushing into a new car finance contract.

Fixed Repayments – No bill shock or impact of interest rate increases, helping you budget more effectively.

Credit Profile – while no one can guarantee your car finance application will be approved, we understand different lenders have different lending approval guidelines. If your credit profile does not meet the guidelines of standard lenders, our experts can give you quick feedback on whether you are likely to be more successful with our niche lenders.

Full Transparency – unlike some Point of Sale Exempt dealerships, we comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act legislation. No hidden fees and full transparency on all costs.